NOA Engineering is at “Piano Industria 4.0” seminar

A strategic plan to support the national industrial sectors. This is what the Ministry of Economic Development has developed, giving life to the so-called “Industry 4.0 National Plan 2017-2020”

NOA Engineering participated at the seminar organized by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Lecce held on May 25, 2018 to acquire the methods and the guidelines proposed by the Ministry in order to offer to our customers valuable financial instruments for the realization of technological solutions avant-garde for their companies.

The expression Industry 4.0 is linked to the so-called “fourth industrial revolution”, a revolution that is associated with an increasingly pervasive use of data and information, computational technologies and data analysis, new materials, components and systems that are totally digitized and connected.

The main directives of the National Plan are four:

  • Innovative investments: stimulate private investment in the adoption of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and increase spending on research, development and innovation
  • Enabling infrastructures: ensuring adequate network infrastructures, ensuring data security and protection, collaborating in the definition of international interoperability standards
  • Skills and Research: creating skills and stimulating research through ad hoc training programs
  • Awareness and Governance: to spread the knowledge and applications of the Industry 4.0 technologies and to guarantee public-private governance for the achievement of the pre-established objectives.

As far as investments are concerned, a series of concessions are envisaged, such as the increase in the hyper-amortization rate of 250% and the extension of the super-amortization with a rate of 140%. In addition, the Plan provides for tax deductions of up to 30% for investments of up to 1 million for start-ups and innovative SMEs, in addition to the creation of investment funds dedicated to the industrialization of ideas and patents with high technological content.

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