NOA Engineering won “PIN” Puglia project funded by Puglia region and dedicated to innovative entrepreneurial projects with high potential for local development

The idea comes from our sensitivity to environmental issues and energy savings that we thought to combine with an idea useful to increase the safety and comfort of citizens.
LightWave is a system that allows the intelligent management of street lighting by limiting the light intensity in the case of absence of vehicles and increasing the lighting power when someone is detected.
How does it work? LightWave is equipped with presence sensors that detect the passage of the car and a wireless communication system between the different light points that exchange information by activating the light point and thus creating a light wave that anticipates the passage of the vehicle.
This system guarantees an important energy saving by limiting the use of the light point in the absence of vehicles, also through Lightwave it is possible to monitor the operating status of the different lighting points with considerable savings in maintenance work and to signal the presence of obstacles or sensitive areas.