Food industry

Our achievements

NOA Engineering è specializzata nella progettazione e realizzazione di 

impianti di automazione per l’industria alimentare ed in particolare per il settore enologico.

Revamping, upgrading and new innovative creations of solutions entirely dedicated to the wine sector


Fermenters, winemakers and storage tanks FLOW METER

Il sistema automatizza e rende intelligente il processo di maturazione e stoccaggio dei prodotti (vino, birra, prodotti caseari..).

Il controllo e gestione di temperatura, livello riempimento, rimontaggio, agitatore e la possibilità di assegnazione lotto di produzione rende il serbatoio Industry 4.0 ready.


Intelligent control system for the sparkling process in autoclave with the Charmat method

The system allows the intelligent control of the autoclaves for sparkling wine with the Charmat method.

The oenologist has the ability to set the recipe using up to 20 different phases and managing temperature, injection and expulsion of the gas and stirrer.

The control system allows the setting of the fermentation trend / 24h parameter, relieving the operator from continuous monitoring and regulation interventions.


Infusion system to induce more complex sensory notes

The chip extractor is a machine for infusing wine with wood chips used to transfer aromas and polyphenols that can induce more complex sensory notes in wines.

The system allows you to control and manage the infusion process in the times and in the most appropriate ways for the product.

The system is transportable and adaptable for the infusion of different types of liquids (wine, beer, etc ...).


Bulk wine loading and accounting system

The system allows the dispensing and accounting of bulk wine directly to the customer, eliminating the intervention of the cellar operator.

The controller, in addition to autonomously managing the selection and supply of the products selected by the customer and the sanitization of the pipes, also takes care of transferring the information to the administration of the cellar for the processing of documents (invoices, delivery notes, stock updates) .


Neutralizer-concentrator control and monitoring system

The system allows the correction of the environmental parameters of the process water before disposal

PFM - Portable flow-meter

Portable system for the metering of the liquid in transfer

The Portable flow meter, thanks to its versatility, can be associated with any type of liquid transfer pump (rotary, piston, peristaltic) and allows the regulation and metering of the fluid during transfers between tanks, guaranteeing precision and reliability.